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SUDOTECK released utility application FSpeed version 1.0 for cars.
This application changes three screens on the basis of a speedometer using the GPS and displays the various kinds of information of cars.
*For SAFE , operation of this application while driving is danger,please ask passenger, or, please use at a stop.
Detailed explanation
・Start GPS velocity measurement with START/STOP button of the top right corner and stop.
When make START, with the sound of the engine start, meter movement is initialized.
・You can change the multi-display to a Manual mode (M), a clinometer mode(ANG), a map mode(MAP) to tapp the central knob.
・With the left knob, you can change a mode of the brightness of the screen and change the indication method of the map with the MAP mode.
・The left upper Fuel indication is not a thing measuring the fuel of the real car with the thing indicating the residual quantity of the battery.
・The LAP indication of the right center displays the mileage after it starts. You can clear numerical value when you tap an indication area.
・There is a function to indicate version number and jump to the support homepage with info button.
1)MANUAL screen


The central position of the rotary knob of the middle is a manual mode.
The rev counter of the virtual engine is displayed in the multi-display area and it is calculated with a shifting gear in conjunction with a speedometer and is displayed.

2)ANG indication


Display the clinometer of the car.
An anteroposterior lurch may be given depending on the attachment means of the iOS device.
In that case, it is mixed up (only PITCHING) can set a current state again horizontally by pushing the [Adj] button of the lower right of the speedometer.
Numerical value is displayed under the clinometer each. As for the clinometer can work in GPS OFF.

2)MAP indication


Because of only clockwise , the mode knob select the map indication mode after clinometer indication.
At the time of this MODE,MAP display can change (M), map and satellite photo (M+S), satellite photo (S) mode with the left knob.


The direction of your car is displayed with a red triangle on the map, but a direction may slip off by collecting how to put of the iOS device.
In such a case it is turned by a clock course when you tap the lower right corner of the map screen. I turn it counterclockwise when you tap the left corner and can adjust angle.
In addition, you can spread when you tap it over a map. It is necessary to do the PINCH-OUT with a screen to reduce.
The map indication needs that iOS device is connected to the Internet.

3) Version 1.0



April 2012

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