ATT Calc Support page

SUDOTECK released application ATT Calc for iOS.
This application has four calculation functions for RF Engeneer .
Version 2.00
for iOS7 update

1) dBm to W calculator .
2) ATT value in dB to each Resistors of circuit .
3) Resistors of circuit to ATT value and Impedance.
4) Resistance connected parallel .
Picker Wheel Data setting interface is very simple for all functions .

DETAILS of functions

1) dBm/W


When you want to convert dBm to W ,set the power value in dBm using numeric wheel .
Power value in W will calculate above area .
The unit is changed by the value Ex: µW,mW,W,kW .

The Peak to peak Voltage value and RMS Voltage value will display below.

Minus dBm value is possible from 0.01µW ,
using [+/-] Wheel.

And if you want convert W to dBm ,set the last wheel to µW to kW ,

It can input below the decimal point using next to decimal wheel .

This calculate is based on 0dBm = 1mW .

2) dB-R


Choose ATT type [π] or [T] ,
schematics will changeπ type orT type .

Select ATT value with right Wheel .

R1,R2,R3 values will calculate above area .

Resistor value is a calculated value ,not E24 numbers.
3) R-dB

Choose ATT type [π] or [T] ,
schematics will change π type or T type .

Select R1 and R2 value with 2 Wheels .

ATT Value will calculate above area,and calculated total impedance in Ohm .

The impedance must select nearest value with transmission line's impedance .

The value of resistor is selected from the E24 numbers.

4) R1//R2


Select R1 and R2 value with
2 Wheels .

Parallel Value will calculate above ,

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